Artist Community

 It hurts when a brilliant artist leaves his art for money.

Give them a chance

Our CEO, Neetu Chopra has been conducting workshops, training capsules and events for years. She has seen the problems of artists of every discipline,very closely. In India, Artist lack funds and support and because of that they are forced to leave their art.

It hurts to see an amazing artist doing a 9-5 job just because they need to support their families. You and we together can give them an opportunity to become rulers in their fields.

Together we can change their lives  by giving scholarship, opportunities, training and right platform. Artists can achieve wonders, once given such opportunities.

Ultimately, we want to help artist turn their passion into a successful profession.

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Why are we here?

Artist Support

We promise the artist who join us, that we will provide them with all time support. We will try to resolve every issue and make their training as smooth as possble.

Scholarship Programs

With your support, we will give scholarships to artist who have a burning desire but they remain stuck due to lack of resources. Together we can help them achieve their dreams.


After being trained by professionals, artists will acquire enough knowledge to spread it further. With our ties with big institutions we will give the artist an opportunity to make a living by teaching what they learnt so far.

Right Platform

Artists who bring their skills to a next level with our training, we assure them to provide them with a big stage where they showcase their talent and make their art a good paying profession.

Career Opportunities

We will remain with the artist as their back bone and once they compete their training, we can schedule their work with biggest names in their field.

Artist Management

Once the artist achieves a certain degree in their art form, we can bring them chances for performing at big events and provide them with our management services. We will be managing their work and they just need to focus on their art.

Our Platforms

We have set up three platforms that are woven around the artist community. is completely dedicated for providing artists with opportunities to fulfill their dreams.

Stubborn Stories is dedicated for featuring stories of people who have faced the obstacles that life threw at them with their iron will and stubbornness.

RAAHEE is basically made to embrace the cultural wealth of our nation and to preserve it for our future.

You and we can  bring magic in lives of  talented artist who leave their art due to lack of resources.


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Stubborn Stories


Our Projects/Programes

We take firm steps forward for the welfare of the artist community.

You can join our journey by supporting our projects  and give the artists an opportunity to rule their field.

Trainning programmes

Scholarship programmes


Your Donation Will Make An Artist's Life Purposeful

Your Donation Can Bring Magic To An Artist's Life


You can support artists by helping them financially in their training. With your help they can train at their dream institutes


If you are a professional in a field of art and are willing to donate your time for training a budding artist. Please contact us and help us give artist the knowledge they deserve.


If you have an art institute and would like to help artist realize their dream by giving them a scholarship for training at your institute. Please contact us and help us give artist a life of glory.