Youth Interaction Program

Youth Interaction Program

Why Youth Interaction Program?

Have you heard of people suiciding? Do you know how many people suicide
every year? 800,000 people. Yes, you heard it right 800,000 people that
means a person every 40 seconds. Now why all this happens because each and
every one of us suffers from some or other kind of stress and anxiety.
We are a generation of broken hearts and broken people with nowhere to go.
In India, 89% of the surveyed population said that they are suffering from
stress and only 10% of them felt comfortable talking about their problems
with a medical professional. So youth is in need of someone to talk to them to
tell them that it’s ok and every problem in life has a solution and nothing is
bigger than your own life.
The age group that is most prone to this kind of mental health problems is 18
to 25 which is the college-going age group. Students in this phase are frustrated with their life, confused about what they want to do, and irritated with their love
Students of this age group have many brilliant ideas and have passion but
what they lack are guidance and direction, and that’s where we want to step in
and provide everyone with whatever their directive needs are. As an
entrepreneur I have gone through such phases and want to help those who are
struggling at that same point.
That’s why we are coming up with YIP where we come to your door, listen to
your problems and give you a better solution. In YIP we will conduct sessions
at different institutions and communities all over Rajasthan.

What Is Youth Interaction Program?

YIP will be conducted by NAYARA(Nitanju Association of Young Artists and
Recreational Activities) and Neetu Chopra, Founder of NAYARA will be the main speaker.
As a team, we believe that every problem can be solved out in three steps
Whenever we face a problem we first “Struggle” with the problem on our own
and try to solve it without other’s help, as a result, we are unable to solve these
problems and eventually these problems remain deep under our smiling faces
and that’s what makes us stressed. Our youth is always stuck at this.
Now with our sessions, we give them the next step, “Conversation”, we let
they share their problems and give them away for reaching to the roots of
their problems and then comes the step of “Creation” where we will give them
a way of solving their problems and at least make them empowered enough to
face problems all over their lives.
Our sessions will be comprised of an introductory speech and then a one on
one interaction with students hearing about their problems and giving them
the positive environment of speaking out and helping them with their problems.
As a speaker, I will try to relate each and every problem to the experiences I had in my entrepreneurial and
personal life. So that everyone listening feels comfortable about sharing their
own stories.

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